How to make your own Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Let’s talk germs! Everyone knows that prevention is way better then the cure! Everyone washes their hands more then enough to keep germs at bay. We even use those convenient store bought chemical laden hand sanitizers we see sitting so pretty on the shelves at Wal-mart.

However! There is a better way to get our hands clean and germ free then lathering Trisclosan, the active ingredient in hand sanitizer, all over your hands. This effectively kills any good bacteria lowering your body’s natural defenses to all the bad bacteria. This also increases the body’s absorption of a dangerous chemical!

There are always germs to worry about! However if we make our own hand sanitizer we can rest in the knowledge that we know what we are putting into our bodies via our skin.

Try the following sanitizer as a safe alternative to the harsh chemicals found lining the shelves of our supermarkets!

1/2 C organic aloe vera gel
2 teaspoons Herbal infused oil
1 teaspoon Thyme tincture
10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops eucalyptus essential oil

1. Add the Aloe Vera and and herbal infused oil together and whisk.
2. Then add the Thyme and essential oils to the Aloe Vera mixture.
3. Place in a container of your choosing and enjoy!

Simple easy recipe for your own Hand sanitizer 🙂 Now I wonder if the children’s school will accept this…

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Essential Oil of the Month: Orange

It is April! And nothing says spring like fresh citrus. So to kick off our blog we are going to feature Orange essential oil and a free giveaway!

Orange essential has many uses! I love to diffuse it in my home, clean with it, and use it for medicinal purposes! When my children aren’t feeling too well, emotionally or physically, I will diffuse some orange essential oil in the room and rub some on the bottom of their feet.

Orange EO is an antidepressant, Think about when you peel an orange. There is just something about smelling a freshly peeled orange that makes you want to sing! It is often used to bring someone out of a depressed mood. It helps you to be more alert and relaxed, helping to calm the nervous system and bring about a sense of happiness.

Orange EO is anti-inflammatory, whether internal or external.

There have also been studies where the compounds in orange which confirm its cancer fighting capabilities. a study in 1982 found a compound Orange EO, D-limonene, found that there was a 72% reduction in breast cancer cells. A 2009 study in the Journal of Molecular Nutrition and food research found the phytochemicals in an orange peel prevented growth of human lung cancer cells.

It is also anti-fungal and Immune Boosting, so the next time the kids get sick, make sure to diffuse this in their bedrooms at night to give their immune system a boost!

I have found the most yummy soap recipe that I want to try from here is the link!

Soapqueen Creamy Orange Cold Process Soap

This soap looks amazing! I can not wait to try it and make it! I will update with a post when I do, Think of all the amazing health benefits of using this soap and it looks so creamy and soft!

Speaking of soap and skin, Orange EO is amazing for your skin! It help with acne, dry damaged and aging skin. It also helps kill bacteria, it boosts collagen, decreases wrinkles and it helps protect against the sun’s horrible UV rays!

Use a drop of orange oil with aloe vera to help get rid of skin blemishes and wrinkles. Be sure to avoid the eyes!

Orange EO can also have physical reactions in the body as well, such as the lowering of the pulse rate. blood pressure, and protecting your heart.  A 2009 study done in Japan found that using Orange EO could improve the cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients.

I mentioned cleaning with it! I do love to mix 10 drops orange essential oil with 10 drops of lemon essential oil into a spray bottle diluted with water and give the whole house a magical cleaning! Talk about fresh and happy! The house feels brand new when I am done.

And if all that doesn’t sell you, it even gets rid of Ants! Organic farmers frequently use Orange Essential Oil to get rid of Ants. This could be a great benefit for your mental health if you have ants in the house!

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Essential Oil of the Month Orange Giveaway


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