On the Spiritual Journey


I have been on my spiritual journey my whole life, searching for answers and praying that I would find them. I was raised a Catholic and never really felt at home. I left the church at age 12 with my family in search of another church. We never really found it. However I did return to church at the age of 26 in search of my people. I stayed there for about 4 years. I never felt comfortable. Every time I turned around I was doing something wrong. I felt judged and like everyone was frustrated with me for even showing up. This was wrong. This was not how church was supposed to be. They were supposed to be your people. The people who stood by you and answered your “stupid” questions. I had an amazing spiritual connection to God and I always felt peace while in prayer. However as soon as I stepped outside of prayer it was instant outsider and panic attack. So I left, and I wandered.

I have always been drawn to the spiritual and the supernatural. I have always been gifted in that I have seen and felt spirits since I was a little girl. Never understood these gifts and why me. I was always told that spirits are evil and you can not talk to God because “most likely” you are talking to the devil. Do not invoke St. Michael because it is really a demon. I never understood this because in Catholicism you pray,

Holy Michael the archangel, defend us in battle…

So if in Catholic prayer you are praying to the Archangel Michael, Then if you said something like,

Holy Michael, I invoke you in my time of need, please send me your light of protection and act as a shield against my enemy.

Would that not be the same thing? Do Catholics not use incense and candles? So if I am at home using sage and candles, is that not the same thing? Is prayer not prayer? Why is one the right way and one the wrong way?

So in my journey and while I was searching, I was begging for guidance, “Please Jesus send me someone who I can relate to and that will show me what is and what I can be. This is when I found Athena Perrakis from Sage Goddess. I had been dabbling outside of my tiny Catholic world for a while. Athena showed up at just the right time, with exactly what I had been looking for. I think there is right in every religion and there is no one way to do things.


This will be about my journey and any who wish to follow. I have found more peace then I have known in a long time. This is the beginning of part 2 of my journey and I am excited to delve into the world of Light and Magic and expand my learning. In honor of where I am at in my Journey I will give away one charging plate for December Desiderata Charging Plate only pay shipping. Giveaway will end November 31st at Midnight.

Desiderata Charging Plate

To enter email whitecottageapothecary@gmail.com and enter Desiderata in the subject line!


Place your tools upon the plate to charge them with universal creation energy and to generate a safe haven for your practice, so that you may grow within the cosmic womb.

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