How to Harvest Herbs



There are many ways to harvest herbs. Here we will look at just one way of doing it.

You will need the following items to gather your herbs

  1. Plant identification book
  2. Scissors or clippers
  3. A shovel or garden spade
  4. Linen bags or a basket
  5. Gloves

Remember to always pick respectfully.  Be sure not to damage the plant or over harvest. Be sure to leave plenty for wildlife and next year.

Pick your herbs on a day that is bright and dry.

Do not pick plants that are sickly looking or have mold.

Be sure you are 100% sure that you have identified your plant properly

If after drying your herbs they do not still have some fragrant smell or smell musty of moldy, discard of these clippings.

Now to dry your plants.

Do not dry your herbs in the sunlight. Always use somewhere dry and dark.


You can always string your herbs into small bunches and hang upside down to dry them. This is both a pretty way to dry them and efficient.

•Paper bags

In addition to string, you can use a paper bad to place the herbs that seed and drop loose parts. This way they do not fall on the floor and make a mess.

•Drying Rack

You can also purchase herb drying racks for larger amounts of herbs. Or you can make your own using a large wooden picture frame with kitchen linen towels stapled into it.


If you are in a hurry, or, like me, just impatient you can buy and use a dehydrator. This will be quick and done overnight. You can also use a baking sheet placed in the oven on the lowest setting with the oven door cracked to let out moisture. Make sure that when you take them out they are just hardened not burnt. This could be done with thicker parts of the plant. IE Stems, roots, fruits, and seeds.


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